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We got married before being deployed at A Perfect Wedding Chapel - Atlanta   Wedding Package #1 
 Just the 2 of Us!   Private Marriage and (0) guests

Decorated Chapel Time for up to 1/2 hour, Personalized Ceremony, Use of Bridal  Bouquet, (Two Tier Wedding Cake for Pictures), CD Music & Bridal Dressing Area
Free wedding pictures 

Our Family was the  Best at our Wedding at A Perfect Wedding Chapel - Atlanta     Wedding Package #2  
Wedding Couple and up to (4) guests

Decorated Chapel Time for up to 1 hour, Personalized Ceremony, Use of: Bridal Bouquet ,(Two Tier Wedding Cake for Pictures) , CD wedding Music, Bridal Dressing Area
Free wedding pictures 

We are doing the Slide Dance at A Perfect Wedding Chapel - AtlantaWedding Package#3 
       Wedding Couple and up to (8)  guests
Decorated Chapel Time for 1.5 hours, Personalized Ceremony, Use of: Bridal Bouquet , Bridesmaid Bouquets, (Two Tier  Wedding Cake and Cake Top for pictures) , CD Wedding Music, Bridal Dressing Area, PLUS
Professional Photography session with 
2 Free professional  wedding memory photographs

A few family and friends at our wedding at A Perfect Wedding Chapel Atlanta
[Wedding Package #4
         Wedding Couple and up to (16) Guests

Decorated Chapel Time for 2.0 hours, Personalized Ceremony, Use of:  Bridal Bouquets, Bridesmaid Bouquets , CD Music,
Bridal Dressing Area, (Two Tier Wedding Cake and Cake Top for pictures) 
4 Free wedding memory pictures  

A Perfect Wedding Chapel Ceremony
Wedding Package #5
 Wedding Couple & Up to  (25)  Guests
Decorated Chapel Time for 2.0 hours, Personalized Ceremony, Use of: Bridal Bouquets, Bridesmaid Bouquets, CD Wedding Music,
Bridal Dressing Area,
(Two Tier Wedding Cake and  Cake Top for pictures)
6 Free wedding memory pictures 

  Wedding Package #6
 Wedding Couple & up to (35)  Guests

Decorated Chapel Time for 2.0 hours, Personalized Ceremony, Use of: Bridal Bouquet , Bridesmaid Bouquets, CD Wedding Music,
Bridal Dressing Area,(Two Tier Wedding Cake and Cake Topper for pictures)
 Free wedding memory photographs  

Wedding Package #7  
Wedding Couple & Up to  (50)  Guests

Decorated Chapel Time for 2.0 hours, Personalized Ceremony, Use of: Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquets, Bridal Dressing Area, (Two Tier Wedding Cake and Cake Topper for pictures) 
 Free wedding pictures  

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A Wedding and A Reception Bundle
Wedding Chapel GA Demo Reel

Wedding  Package #8
A Wedding  and Reception BUNDLE
Wedding  Package #7
Wedding Couple & Up to  (65)  Guests,, Certified Minister to perform marriage and file marriage papers,
Decorated Chapel ,& Reception area, for up to 4.0 hours free tables and chairs, bring you own food and drinks, Personalized Ceremony , Do It Yourself set up , Ceremony and Reception in one cool location,
 Use of: Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquets, Bridal Dressing Area,
 (Two Tier PropWedding Cake  for pictures)
  a music sound system for your CD or MP3,  

# # # 
 New!  Add a Reception  Party To any Wedding package  
Having a small reception after our wedding at A Perfect Wedding Chapel - Atlanta/Stone Mountain
 Add more hours  of service at the facility, 
bring your own food and drinks and music mixtape, CD or MP3 or Bluetooth, Add (optional chair covers , Robo Dee Jay sound system service and more) 
  All in one convenient location.

Book Party Package By The Hour    $150./Hour



"When you pull back the layers of a wedding you can see that  A Perfect Wedding Chapel makes sense and saves money"

"Celebrate your new life together as man and wife without the added  STRESS, expenses, inconveniences, costs.  Why try to keep up with "Yes to the Dress " and the  "Jones".

After the wedding day is over you will be just as married as those who spent 10 times as much as you did."
The Court House is for traffic tickets, criminal cases, court cases , lawsuits death certificates and more. It is not a nice place for your Wedding''  
                               Need a Minister/ Officiant?  No Problem!
We have Certified Minister/Officiant who will perform your Wedding Ceremony, Solemnize, Witness and File the Civil Legal Documents for You. 
His $100. Minister's  Fee is NOT included in the above prices  

Prices are subject to change without notice so Book Your Wedding Today!
 Call (404) 409-5338 or (404) 222-07

          Please read our Wedding Services Reservations Terms below: 

A Perfect Wedding Chapel wedding services are  based on the number of guests  that will need accommodations for your wedding.
If more guests attend than the number specified in your package, it is agreed that an automatic upgrade will be required and paid for before the wedding ceremony starts.

Our Cancellation Policy:
Wedding services at A Perfect Chapel are Booked on a First Come First Served Basis. Reservations can be made in person or over the phone by Credit or Debit Card to lock in your Wedding date.

Once your Wedding date is reserved, this date is marked off our calendar and preparations are made by our staff to insure your Perfect Chapel Wedding is an enjoyable experience.

You Agree to the following Terms: Our Wedding Service Reservations are final and exclusive. Once your Wedding Date is Reserved, No Cancellation Refunds are made After the 36 Hour Grace Period. 
No Refund for Same Day Weddings!
Your Original Wedding Date can be changed to a new date with proper notice and availability. Call ASAP with any Changes!


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