A Perfect Wedding Chapel of Georgia - After Hours Weddings Service
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After Hours Wedding Chapel Weddings

by Atlanta's Certified Wedding Officiants

So you were running late and missed the courthouse wedding schedule. Don't worry. Call (404) 409-5338 and we will perform your marriage ceremony in our Stone Mountain location After Hours . Free parking. (Monday through Friday 10 AM to 10 PM) Remember to bring your Georgia Marriage License and a SMILE :)

It's a perfect choice if you just want a  simple  marriage ceremony with Vows and the Papers Filed..  It's fast and convenient and easy. Much better than the courthouse.
  See details below:
Our After Hours  Wedding Special includes a traditional ceremony services  inside the chapel .
 Monday through Friday Only! from 10 AM until 10 PM only.
What Do I Need To Bring?
 A valid Georgia marriage license /certificate and photo ID
                Confirmed reservations and appointments (no walk-ins). 

Call (404) 409-5338 for appointments. 

You must be already dressed , ready to go and on time to qualify for this  wedding  special.
  Add wedding photography service plus  (5 ) wedding pictures plus digital JPEG files for only      ($50).

 (404) 409-5338  or (404) 222-0722     

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